Hear from Our Clients: BStrong Marketing Success Stories



Hear from Our Clients: BStrong Marketing Success Stories


Explore How Our Digital Marketing Services Drive Growth for Ambitious Brands

At BStrong Marketing, we take pride in supporting numerous entrepreneurs and businesses in reaching their digital marketing goals and achieving sustainable growth.

With our path of services, such as the Marketing Launchpad, SmartSites, and Growth Engine, we’ve empowered our clients to effectively engage with their target audiences.

But instead of just taking our word for it, listen to the success stories of our satisfied clients who have witnessed the transformative effects of our data-driven strategies and personalized approach to digital marketing

Ready to join our growing list of success stories? Contact us today to learn how we can help you fuel your brand’s growth.

"It’s hard to find a good Digital Marketing Strategist with a strong web development background and Brian excels in this field. He’s mastered online marketing and can definitely help your business grow. Clients rave about his results and his ability to provide outstanding service. He’s your go-to guy for all digital marketing needs!"

Pamela I, digital marketer

"Brian is intelligent, professional, and extremely passionate about marketing, design, and the success of his clients. I worked with Brian at a web design and digital marketing agency where he was my number one resource whenever I needed advice about a design element of a web page, or how to position elements of a page to better stand out to potential customers. Brian is constantly pushing himself to learn more about his profession by studying the best minds in the business and always has a book on marketing by his side. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for an awesome website, a tailored marketing plan, or SEO that gets results. I would not hesitate to hire Brian if I ever find myself in need of his services either professionally or personally."

Mark D, full stack developer

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Brian on multiple projects. With minimal direction he is able to take a website from idea to launch. Brian is an excellent partner who I rely on and will continue to work with on exciting new projects."

Josh I, marketing firm owner

"I can't say enough about Brian's services. His design and content for my website is fantastic, and he has been an excellent consultant and expert in helping me market my business. It's one stop shopping with BStrong Marketing. You get everything you need in one place."

Lisa KB, lawyer and law firm owner

"Great work on time and at fair prices but more importantly Brian works with you to ensure your vision is what he creates!"

Steve S, marketer and business owner

"Brian is an undercover superhero in the marketing world. He adds a creative strategy to anything he does that makes one look at something in more than one way. His design techniques are unique and therefore gain appreciation and attention."

Jenny M., business consultant

"BStrong was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Brian for any of your business marketing needs."

Louise C, business owner and engineer

"BStrong did an outstanding job on my website. I am getting lots more contacts, and the website itself is the 'Cadillac' of websites."

Jack M, business writer

"Brian helped my customers in many ways. I own a consulting company and many of my clients need more business, of course. Brian did a bang up job at creating ads and review videos which drove much needed traffic into their doors. This is very much what I and my clients needed and he did a great job at it!"

Scott T, business owner and consultant

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