You know you’re guilty of it

You had a great idea, an exciting plan of how you’re going to take on the business world and drag your company up the steep inclines of a stat graph. You told your work partners or someone you network with. You’re going to gather together a team to set the world on fire with this amazing idea, and then… nothing happens.

You didn’t follow through. You got busy, you had too much on your plate, you got scared, it was the holiday season and you felt that there was too much stress on you.

Well, I’m calling “AIR BUSINESS” on you. Like BS but for the business world, and it amounts to the same thing.

What’s “air business”? Management expert Arte Maren, in his book The Natural Laws of Management, describes the German slang word “Luftgeschaft” which translates roughly into “air business”, referring to pipe dream business ideas that never come to fruition. It’s being all talk and no execution, no follow up, excuses, excuses, excuses.

You’ve dealt air business and you’ve been on the receiving end of its gusts. The air economy must be robust with all the amazing projects and plans that are going to make thousandaires and millionaires out of one and all involved, all sitting out there in the ether, if someone would just DO something.

Just Undo It (the excuses, that is)

So how about, you, the reader, committing yourself to doing the work to bring your genius to fruition? You could call that person up from that networking group to whom you confided that groundbreaking idea, and pull her into a Zoom meeting to figure out how you’re going to turn it into reality. You could write out the steps in a task list. And then actually DO the plan!

You have the time: you just need to confront the effort involved. No one ever did anything amazing by committing an average amount of effort. You may need to stay at work late, work weekends, get up early.

Want to change your business, your life, the economy? Cut the air business, turn it into real plans, find other people in or out of your company to collaborate with, and get busy! Go make something great.

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